Twelve Bosses Complete + Future Plans

This is Sentinel 4X! She is the 12th boss I have made for this game and also the most complex for me to make as far a programming goes.

The next thing on my list is to port this whole game over to GameMaker: Studio 2 since GM:S 1 won’t be getting much support in the future. After that I’ll be updating the alpha here with the new version and hopefully there aren’t too many glitches caused by the new engine. I will also add in one of the new bosses featured in these devlogs. Let me know which one you would like to see between Hadesoh, Scrambla, or Sentinel 4X!

After that update, the next one will be much larger and this game will transition into paid early access. I will also be releasing this as early access on Steam! This won’t be happening until I have at least 20 bosses and a bunch of other content done. At that point I will constantly patch in new bosses and content as soon as I have it ready until the game reaches a point where I can call it finished.

I really look forward to sharing more of this game with you!

Bonus! this is one of the new backgrounds.

Get The Void Rains Upon Her Heart (Demo)

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