New Update Coming Soon!

The past few months have been purely dedicated to polishing up the menus to an absurd degree! Only someone as insane as I am would put themselves though this, but it is so worth it.

The update to the demo will be released in about 2 weeks! It will include one new boss. This brings up the total bosses in the demo to 9. The new boss is the fiery Hadesoh!

There will also be 2 new item cards. The first is a 2-star card that lets you shoot backwards. The other is a 3-star that lets you shoot while charging up. This brings up the total item cards to 42!

There will also be 2 difficulty levels for Story mode. “Light Rain” where the bosses can range from level 1 to 9. “Heavy Rain” where bosses can range from level 4 to 11.

And of course, you will also get to experience all this UI that I’ve been polishing up for months!

Unfortunately, your current save file will not be compatible with the new version, but I don’t expect too many people will be upset about that right? :3

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