The Void Heart Rains Upon Her

Today I want to talk about the title of this game, “The Void Rains Upon Her Heart,“ and why I chose it. A lot of people will argue that this is not a very good name for a video game. It is quite long, how the heck is anyone supposed to remember it? And the logo is actually a total mess according to conventional standards. It’s lopsided and hard to read. So why did I choose to make it look like that?

The games that I always found the most memorable are the ones where you can really feel the creators’ personalities in them. These are games like The Binding of Isaac, Undertale, and Nier Automata. I knew that if I created a deeply personal game, people might be intrigued and it would stand out from the crowd, so I decided to create a game that gives people a glimpse into what it is like to cope with an anxiety disorder. I wanted this theme to permeate all throughout the game, including the title itself.

I made up the title and designed the logo at the same time. I wanted the whole thing to be kinda anxiety inducing. It looks unbalanced and there are too many words. How do you even read this thing? Is it “The Void Rains Upon Her Heart?” Or is it “The Void Heart Rains Upon Her?” Maybe It’s just “The Void Heart“ and the rest is extra? The intent was that it could be read in multiple ways and it will still sound right. They all make sense as a title for this game so I guess they are all correct!

Something I’m learning to deal with is that not everything can be perfect. The logo is all jumbled and ugly, but that’s okay! I think it fits the personality of this game, and I know some people will love it just the way it is :3

Get The Void Rains Upon Her Heart (Demo)

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