Alpha 1.2 comes on November 18th

And it comes with this adorable pause screen!

The most notable changes are:

  • 1 new boss: The fiery Hadesoh
  • 1 new song for the Hadesoh battle
  • 2 New items
  • 2 difficulty levels for Story Mode
  • All menus have been improved
  • "Attributes" - A detailed stat screen that shows what items you have found in the current run and how they affect all stats.
  • All items have a little story about them
  • All bosses track several stats like how many times you Loved them or your largest combo on that boss.
  • Rebalancing some boss difficulty (I’m looking at you, Level 1 Roundsaw)
  • A new Level up system for Quickplay (explained below)

In Quickplay, all of your high scores are added together to determine your rank. As you rank up you unlock more star slots to equip more items into. The catch is if you equip too many items for a low level boss, then your score is reduced by a certain percent.

Get The Void Rains Upon Her Heart (Demo)

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